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Rules & Conditions of ADFC Membership

Rules and conditions to obtain the Club’s Membership

•Applicants must pay 2100 AED membership fees per season.
•Membership is for UAE nationals.
•Applicants should present UAE Identity card when applying to obtain the membership.
•Applicants should be 16 years old and above.
•Applicants should be of interest in UAE heritage and traditions.
•Members should adhere and commit to obey the rules and conditions of the Club.
•Members will be fully responsible for their own deeds and behavior inside the club and at the sites of events and competitions.
•Members should commit to respect other each other and all various committees of the club.
•For security and safety measures; the Club shall have the right- at any time, to check the membership card of any respective member.
•Members and visitors will be fully responsible to rectify any damages they inflict inside the Club.
•Members will have the right to train their falcons in cooperation with the Club’s teamwork, use training facilities and utilities of the Club during the whole season for a maximum 5 (five) falcons per day.
•The club shall have the right-at any time, to close any part of the facilities and utilities of the club for the purposes of maintenance/events, and that all members must respect such procedures.
•The club shall have the right-at any time, to deter any member from having access to the club/facilities in case such a member does not respect public laws.
•In case of the rejection of any application to obtain membership of the Club; such a rejection shall be final and that the respective applicant shall have no right to object to that.
•Membership fees are neither refundable nor transferable.