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ADFC Membership

Services and Benefits for ADFC Members 

•Have an access-under the supervision of the Club’s teamwork, to the sites and reserves used for falconry trainings. This shall include access to laser and other training tools and equipment used for falconry trainings activities of: Telwah, wireless airplane and balloon.
•The Club shall prepare, tame and train the respective falcon against the payment AED 1800 monthly as this fee shall include feeding the falcon, medical services, and report on its performance.
•Provide training session for wireless aircrafts.
•The Club shall have respective internal and international partnerships to provide live preys to falcons’ owners against the payment of low prices.
•The Club shall have respective internal and international partnerships to allow its members to purchase falconry-related products and tools against the payment of low prices.
•Discounts on falconry products and falcon food from ADFC‘s selected companies.
•Providing falcon accessories (hoods, jesses, gloves, bag, falcon training plane 20 CC model)
•Free registration to the official competitions for members
•Free registration of falcons E-rings in official competitions for members.
•ADFC members are offered subsidized molting service against the payment of low prices.
•Organizing motivational contests for ADFC members over the season, starting from November to February. 
•prizes & awards will be offered for the first three winners in the ADFC member competitions 
•A bimonthly dinner with ADFC falconers at the Falconers council in the ADFC, bringing together ADFC’s management and members for an interactive and continuous exchange of members’ concerns and complaints on regular basis.  
•A weekly schedule for falcon training for each ADFC member
•Free courses for ADFC members to use the wireless plane, divided into two parts (theoretical and practical). Each course is for two weeks with no more than 15 members for each trainer.
•Theoretical courses including an explanation of the wireless plane and how to control it in addition to simulator classes.
•A one-week practical course for ADFC members who successfully passed the theoretical course on the simulator to complement it with field training, with two falconers per trainer in each class.
•A special office to train members, fully equipped with a projector, training planes, and a training simulator.