Providing special areas for the training of falcons within the supervision of the club's team of specialists and providing the necessary equipment for training in the categories of Telwah, training by radio flight.


Priority of booking a place in the Magith (Falcon House ) for all member falcons


Equipping the falcon by the club in the process of dressage, training, and hunting, with an amount of one thousand eight hundred dirhams per month (1800) per falcon, as the price includes falcon food, medical services and performance reports.


Providing live hunting Preys  (houbara) at subsidized distribution prices agreed upon through partnerships and agreements with local and international distributors.


Provide the opportunity to purchase special products and devices for falconry at discounted prices through partnerships and agreements with local distributors.


Providing special equipment for falcons by the club (burqa, Mersal, Mengala, Mekhlat).


Provide a weekly falconry training schedule for each falconer of the club members.

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