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On the sidelines of the Al Dhafra Festival, the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club organizes falconry competitions in Madinat Zayed Square in the Al Dhafra region - Abu Dhabi. Over the course of four days, the club organizes six rounds of Al Talwah competitions, four of which are for the chicks category, and two runs for the Gernas category.

Terms and conditions for the Al Dhafra Falconry Festival competition for the 2023-2024 season


Registration conditions:

  1. Registration is open to all nationalities.
  2. Register by full name.
  3. Registration is mandatory with the Emirates national ID number or passport for non-residents of the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Commitment to registering falcons with all information, including: a picture of the falcon, the falcon’s ring number, the name of the falcon and the type of falcon, in accordance with the instructions on the competition’s website.
  5. In the event that the falcon card or electronic falcon ring is lost or damaged, the organizing committee must be notified immediately to conduct a new issuance process.
  6. In the event of tampering with the falcon ring (opening or removing the electronic falcon ring by the participant), the falcon will be deleted, a fine of 5,000 dirhams will be imposed on the falcon owner, and his participation in other falcons will be suspended until the fine is settled.
  7. Registration procedures for the competition are available on the website www.And at the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club in the Al Falah area - Abu Dhabi.
  8. In the event of registration through the website, the owner or his authorized falconer must attend the club headquarters in person, bringing the Emirati national ID card, or a passport for non-residents of the United Arab Emirates, to complete the registration procedures, pay the fees, and receive the participation cards and electronic episodes.
  9. It is prohibited for unregistered falcons that have not been fitted with an electronic ring to participate in official competitions.
  10. Advance electronic preparation is mandatory for all participants in falconry competitions, and no falcon will be accepted for participation if the electronic preparation is not done through the official website of the competition or through the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club application, and the committee has the right to accept or Refuse to add any falcon otherwise.
  11. A fine of 200 dirhams will be imposed per falcon if the falcon is prepared and does not participate in the race without notifying the organizing committee before the race, which leads to delaying and confusing the rest of the participants.
  12. The owner or his authorized falconer is required to sign the registration information receipt. The responsibility falls on the owner if any incorrect data is given, and the owner must keep the registration information receipt in case a review is requested.
  13. In the event that the details of the falcon’s origin or type are not clear, and there is no official proof available to base this information on, the falcon will be referred to the registration committee to review and determine the mechanism for accepting or not accepting its registration.
  14. Registration is open on official working days (Monday to Friday) from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm during the announced period. Otherwise, additional fees apply.


Registration fees (inclusive for the entire season):

  1. The fee for issuing a falconer card is 100 dirhams.
  2. The fee for issuing and installing the electronic falcon ring is 50 dirhams.
  3. The fee for changing Saqr’s name is 200 dirhams.
  4. A fee of 500 dirhams is charged if ownership is transferred to a new owner.
  5. In the event of a request to register (or activate) a participant or falcon after closing registration (the registration period is announced in advance), a fee of 500 dirhams will be imposed to register the participant, as well as 500 dirhams to register one new falcon (a maximum of 3 hours before the draw date).
  6. The club provides an external registration service, and an administrative fee of 5,000 dirhams (paid in advance) is charged per day - from 9 am to 4 pm - in addition to the previously mentioned fees for each falcon.
    • The father and his children under the age of 18 are counted as one person and no additional administrative fees are charged
    • Children over the age of 18 are considered a new service and are charged a new administrative fee of 5,000 dirhams in addition to the aforementioned registration fees.


Public class definition:

It is the special category for general falconry participants who participate with a limited number of falcons (a maximum of 24 falcons) in the Al Dhafra Falconry Festival competition, and it includes all general categories.


Conditions of participation for the general category:


  1. The approved categories in the Al Dhafra Falconry Competition (from the perch and gernas categories) are as follows:
    • Jire Taba (chicken)
    • Geir Shaheen (chicken)
    • Gear Pure (chicken)
    • Qarmousha (chicken)
    • Gir Taba (Girnas)
    • Gir Shaheen (Girnas)
    •  Gir Pure (Gernas)
    • Garmosha (Gernas)
  2.  Falconers are allowed to participate with a maximum of (3) falcons from each of the approved categories in the Al Dhafra Falconry Festival competition.
  3.  Falconers are allowed to release a maximum of 3 falcons from each category within the Al Dhafra Falconry Competition 2023.
  4.  The owner falconer must adhere to the official national dress while participating in all competitions
  5. The participating falconer is obligated to read all the conditions and laws of falconry competitions, and bears responsibility for not complying with or violating any of the established laws and regulations.
  6. The participating falconer is obligated to submit any inquiry or objection within the official legal frameworks, by submitting an official written letter signed by the owner addressed to the Competitions Committee. Action will be taken and the committee will respond to the falconer within a period of 48 hours or less from the date of submitting the letter.

Conditions for participation in Talwah competitions:

  1. The competition distance is 400 meters, according to the route specified by the competitions committee.
  2. The falcons’ timing will be approved through the “radar” device first, and if the time is not obtained from the radar, it will be calculated via the photo finish camera device, which monitors the time that the falcon travels in the race and is connected to the technical program and screens to display the time that it travels.
  3. The falcon races live for the audience and for the competing falcons from each team.
  4. In the event that the time is not obtained from the radar or the camera for the final image, the falcon will be re-launched to determine the time and it will be the responsibility of
  5. the falcon owner to follow up the matter with the committee.
  6. The supplication is made by talwah only, and the person praying must adhere to the official national dress.
  7. It is prohibited to push the falcon by the falconer during the start, and the falcon’s score will be canceled if this is violated.
  8. This competition is intended for participating falconers in the general category only.
  9. Rounds will be allocated for grannies and others for chicks.
  10. The falcon will be excluded from participation if the time exceeds two (2) minutes or one minute at the starting line, according to the opinion of the Competitions Organizing Committee.


Al Dhafra Festival Competition Schedule 2023





Falcon Category


1 Public Telwah / Farkh Jeer Shaheen  09/01/2023
2 Public Telwah / Farkh Jeer Tbah 
3 Public Telwah / Farkh Jeer Pure  10/01/2023
4 Public Telwah / Farkh Jeer Karmoosha 
5 Public Telwah / Jirnass Jeer Shaheen + Jeer Tbah 11/01/2023
6 Public Telwah / Jirnass Jeer Pure + Jeer Karmoosha  12/01/2023


Compatition date may change based on festival conditions


أقسم بالله العظيم ،،،، أن جميع الصقور الواردة تحت اسمي في مسابقة كأس الظفرة للصيد بالصقور 2023 لا تعود ملكيتها لأي شيخ من الشيوخ وانني اتحمل كافة مصاريفها من اموالي الخاصة، وأنني لم اقم بأي تلاعب او تحايل في الحلفة . 

والله على ما اقول شهيد.

Al Dhafrah Festival Competition


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